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Thermal Coffee Mug

Thermal Coffee Mug

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About this item

  • Travel mug with handle: coffee mug handle is designed to fit the curvature of the palm, easy to grip, the aqua bottle is powder coated for durability, comfortable and sweat-proof, and easy to use
  • Coffee mug with lid: insulated coffee mug is equipped with a transparent lid, the top of the lid has a direct drinking spout that can be slid open, which can also be used with a straw to drink, when not in use, the sliding lid can be closed to prevent dust and flying insects from entering the mug, ensuring clean and hygienic drinks
  • Insulation design: stainless steel insulated coffee mug with handle cup wall using double vacuum technology, can make your hot tea, cold drinks, coffee and other drinks stay hot or cold for a long time, the temperature will not spread outward, so you can enjoy hot or cold drinks anytime, anywhere.
  • Leak and spill resistant: the lid of this travel coffee mug is equipped with a rubber gasket, which has a good seal to avoid spills and can prevent accidental soiling of clothes when drinking tea/drinks, this insulated mug is ideal for indoor office, afternoon tea, family gatherings, not suitable for backpack or handbag, to avoid water leakage due to shaking
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